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Cybersecurity is the mitigation of Risk:  

All organizations are vulnerable to cyber threats, events that adversely impact the organization, the mission of cybersecurity is to limit the risk


HiCLIFF Technologies Inc. was founded on a mission to supply cybersecurity technologies to the professional audiovisual industry. Solutions that can play a role within an organization in helping manage vulnerabilities and increasing the availability of the system.

The success of many organizations depends on complex audiovisual systems to deliver reliable and secure communications. However, many are unaware that these components come with an inherit cyber risk. Many devices are vulnerable to the same level of cyber attack that is becoming more and more prevalent across the IT industry, but many audiovisual systems receive less attention due to their unique nature and difficulty of support.

HiCLIFF offers technology that is rooted with a deep understanding of these system components and can help manage them following a disciplined framework based on the CIA Triad and Zero Trust.

HiCLIFF specializes in cybersecurity monitoring and understands the unique properties of the audiovisual components the media they produce and their interaction with the network.


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