Reduce Cyber Risk & Save Time

Providing a Cybersecurity Foundation for IoT, AV, and Media Environments

HiCLIFF: Foundational Cybersecurity

IoT, AV, and Media are vital to your business but a challenge from a security perspective.

Learn how our vendor-agnostic software establishes visibility and foundational cybersecurity for any network. 

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is the average cost to organizations that experience a cyber incident


of cyber breaches are due to a lack of visibility into the environment


of breaches are caused by human error and a failure to configure assets correctly

Cyber threats are on the rise...

The use of IoT, AV, and Workplace Technology has exploded. With the introduction of hybrid work models and remote monitoring, it has become much more difficult to keep networks segregated. These paradigms have substantially increased complexity and cyber risk to organizations.

Traditional IT software is not well suited to the management of IoT, AV, and Workplace assets and systems. HiCLIFF specializes in these types of environments and offers an effective solution in securing and managing them using industry best practices.

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IoT/AV Proceed with Caution

IoT/AV Devices are just like PCs, they both have operating systems and run applications, but IoT is a lot less secure. IoT has become a popular target for bad actors as they present an easier entry point into a network when not properly managed.

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Build an Effective Cybersecurity Foundation

Real-time Asset Discovery and Mapping

  • Discover every asset on the network, including IoT, AV, and Workplace Technology.

  • Live auto-generated mapping makes it easy to understand the system and organize it.

  • Detect anomalies in the system in real-time


Detailed Device Inspection and Risk Assessment

  • Agentless profiling provides valuable insight and feedback for each asset

  • Risk assessment scoring makes it simple to determine security gaps and vulnerabilities

  • First of its kind agentless security posture management that targets IoT and AV devices


Live Comprehensive Asset Inventory

  • Eliminate complexity by organizing every asset including IoT, AV, and Workplace assets in one place.

  • Track every detail about the system with a live asset inventory

  • Quickly find anything using the built in search engine


Cybersecurity that does more...

In addition to reducing cyber risk, HiCLIFF becomes part of the workflow, with tools that save time and reduce system disruption:

  • Network Performance Monitoring

  • Live Media Tracing

  • PTP System Monitoring

  • Event and Alarm collection

  • Simplified Device Configuration

  • and more...



Until recently, anti-virus software and firewalls were enough to prevent most cyber attacks. With cybercrime on the rise and insider threats becoming more common, these defenses alone are no longer enough.


HiCLIFF addresses the cybersecurity of IoT, AV, and Workplace Technology within the network. Not only does it proactively reduce cyber risks it can also help improve system stability and save time.