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About Us

HiCLIFF Technologies Inc. was founded with the strategic intent to develop cybersecurity software for environments where audiovisual, live media, and communications systems are used. Specifically addressing the complexity and risk associated with IoT, AV, and Workplace Technology.


With the looming threat of a cyber attack, each technical space within every organization requires a dedicated security focus. Increasing visibility and hardening the security of IoT, AV, and Workplace infrastructures is now a mandatory requirement for every organization. HiCLIFF is the first IoT, AV, and Workplace Technology-focused cybersecurity software that specifically addresses the security challenges within these environments. HiCLIFF discovers devices and media on the network and continuously monitors their behavior to identify risks. We have tapped into decades of engineering experience and industry knowledge to develop products that offer a practical and results-oriented way to reduce cyber risks and increase the performance of IoT, AV, and Workplace Technology systems. 

HiCLIFF is a privately held company headquartered in Ontario, Canada.


FAQ: Frequently Asked Questions

Why are IoT, AV, and Workplace systems at risk?

Audiovisual, media, and communication systems are now all network connected. Most devices use standard operating systems, and open-source applications. These properties make them susceptible to cyber attacks just like standard IT equipment.

Where are you located?

We are located in the Greater Toronto area in Ontario, Canada. Strategically near the country's premiere technical universities and colleges. This enables us to employ some of the brightest engineers in the country to bring you the very best technology offering.

Where is your software developed?

HiCLIFF's software is developed in Canada. The use of open source software is noted, including the country of origin. Our products can be used confidently by local and international governments, including the US Federal Government.

How Can I Request a Demo?

We would be happy to supply you with your demo of the software. Please fill in the form at the bottom of the page or send a note via email to and we would be happy to book a time.

How much does HiCLIFF software cost?

Contact our sales team today ( to receive customized pricing. We offer a flexible pricing model which is guaranteed to suit any budget.

Do you work with Systems Integrators?

We are a perfect partner for Integrators looking to secure deployed IoT, AV, and Workplace Technology-based systems. Add HiCLIFF to projects where security and liability are a concern.

Do you work with Consultants and Owner's Representatives?

Cybersecurity is now a critical part of every project, and a failure to include a security strategy could lead to liability down the road.  Therefore, we are happy to share our knowledge on the subject and discuss how HiCLIFF software can solve these challenges and more.


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