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Audiovisual Cybersecurity Technology


The Most Complete Cybersecurity Solution for the Audiovisual Market

HiCLIFF offers technology that is rooted with a deep understanding of audiovisual system components and can help manage them following a disciplined framework based on the CIA Triad and Zero Trust.

HiCLIFF specializes in cybersecurity and understands the unique properties of the audiovisual components, the media they produce, and their interaction with the network.


     System Discovery & Mapping

Real time discovery quickly locates every asset on the network and automatically builds a visual map. Identify every asset in the system. Organize elements into logical groups and spaces to help simplify availability and remediation efforts.

Live Asset Management

Build a comprehensive device inventory in real-time. Identify every device, catalog asset details and the security profile for each. Powerful search functions make it easy to locate assets using names, vendor, IP and MAC address.

Vulnerability Assessment

Vulnerability assessment determines the potential security gaps of the detected assets on the network. Vulnerabilities are discovered without the need for device monitoring agents. Working closely with vendors, intelligent profiling helps reduce false-positive results. Receive warnings if devices are suspected to be missing security features plus determine firmware version

Vulnerability  Testing

Detect the use of weak authentication (username and password).  Monitor many protocols including HTTP(S), SSH, FTP, MySQL, Telenet, and more.

Multicast Media Tracing

Identified what multicast traffic is on the network. Media tracing helps visualize what is present on the media network. Determine senders and receivers, spot orphaned media on the network.

Network Media Inspection

Media inspection provides a way to dig deeper into the media on the network. Increase media quality by identifying possible problems before they become seen or heard.



Easy Implementation

HiCLIFF has taken every step possible to reduce setup time by avoiding the need for scripts or programming.  The tools are easy to install and require minimal setup and little instructions

Software Defined

HiCLIFF's cybersecurity monitoring tools are deployed on-premises and can be installed on bare metal or virtual machine (VM). Real-time data is captured out of band and processed local to the target systems. 

Web Based Tools

HiCLIFF’s operational interface is provided through a web browser. The tools go wherever you are, access the system topology, review notifications and inspect media from a desktop or tablet

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Saves Money

HiCLIFF identifies helps detect and manage possible vulnerabilities in the audiovisual system. Software based technology that is cost effective, easy to deploy and operate.

Saves Time

HiCLIFF's real-time continuous monitoring model eliminates the need for manual intervention. The tools provide constant system status and logging so system compliance is confirmed automatically

Reduces Stress

HiCLIFF Cybersecurity is easy to deploy and gets you up and monitoring quickly. There is a lot to worry about, HiCLIFF will help take away the anxiety and stress by providing detailed information about the AV system