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HiCLIFF Cybersecurity Monitoring offers a unique set of capabilities for audiovisual communication systems

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Cybersecurity Monitoring

Client’s audiovisual communication and media networks will be monitored continuously, with unique attention given to vulnerability and reliability of the media used through out.

HiCLIFF can provide notifications to alert the team to potential issues or impacts to availability of a system in real time.

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Discovery and Threat Surface

HiCLIFF's cybersecurity monitoring's advanced discovery algorithms and inventory management build comprehensive lists and topologies for the entire client real estate. Powerful search functions make it extremely easy to locate assets using names, vendors, IP and MAC addresses.

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Forensic Reporting

HiCLIFF's cybersecurity monitoring features forensic reporting capabilities. Reports containing security artifacts are exportable, historical, and comparative, allowing for the identification of patterns and changes to the system.

In addition, HiCLIFF software features the capability to northbound forensic data about the audiovisual enclave to top level management tools, including asset management, security management and ticketing systems .

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Remote Monitoring

HiCLIFF's modern architecture makes it easy for teams to remotely monitor systems on prem or off prem. HiCLIFF's cybersecurity monitoring tools are deployed on server appliances where real-time data is captured and processed local to the target systems. Access to system details can be viewed using web browser, without the need for any custom hardware being deployed.