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Deployment Options

We offer a variety of options in regards to how the Cybersecurity platform can be purchased and deployed. Contact us now to schedule a demo and request pricing.

SaaS License

Software as a Service (SaaS) subscription. License use of software which is installed on customer furnished bare metal appliance or virtual machine (VM).

  • Annual subscription

  • Support included 

  • No maintenance fee

All Inclusive

HiCLIFF's software comes pre-installed on an optimized bare metal appliance. One time purchase of appliance + software.

  • Minimal setup required

  • Factory tested

  • Yearly maintenance fee

Perpetual License

HiCLIFF's software delivered electronically to be installed on customer furnished bare metal appliance or virtual machine (VM) host. One time purchase of perpetual license.

  • Simple installation

  • Software support

  • Yearly maintenance fee


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