Networked AV & Media are a Big Challenge

HiCLIFF is here to help...

Gain unprecedented visibility into IoT, AV, and Media infrastructure networks and reduce cyber risk. Plus improve system availability and defend against damaging and costly outages.

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Want to know what is connected to your network?

HiCLIFF provides continuous monitoring and visibility into the network, seeing exactly what devices are on it and where they are connected. Detect changes in real-time and receive notifications. Look for suspicious devices and identify the removal of equipment quickly.

Spending too much time manually tracking inventory?

No matter the size of the system or what type of IoT/AV devices are deployed, HiCLIFF automatically puts all the information you need in one place. A single source of truth that includes every critical detail, including network profile, risk assessment, last seen, location, and more.

Troubled by network instability and media disruptions?

HiCLIFF is the only AV/Media focused software that in addition to providing cyber awareness also provides a detailed look into the network. Gain visibility into how the network is operating, detect bandwidth, and errors in real-time.  Trace media with ease. Have the tools needed to diagnose network issues when they happen!


Concerned about legal liability due  to cybersecurity?

Liability exists for anyone designing or deploying systems where no effort is made to ensure the ongoing cybersecurity for the system (negligence). HiCLIFF can help reduce this liability (due diligence) when used to actively mitigate risks and track the security configurations for IoT/AV systems.

Worried about the cyber risks and vulnerabilities?

HiCLIFF inspects each asset and provides a clear picture of its network profile. Determine if there are vulnerabilities for the detected protocols and applications detected. Compare results with vendor security targets to ensure the product is configured correctly.

Need to comply with NIST, ISO, CIS, SOC2 frameworks?

Several security frameworks including NIST, ISO, and CIS state organizations must develop an understanding and visibility of their environment. HiCLIFF can help organizations meet these compliance requirements for their infrastructure networks within the enterprise.