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Network Performance Monitoring 
PRODUCTS: Features

CMP Makes Monitoring and Securing AV Media Networks Easy

Discover Everything

HiCLIFF can discover the entire network, including every network switch, and AV device.

Passive & Lightweight

HiCLIFF's unique discovery strategy will locate even the devices you didn't know about without disrupting operations.

Real-Time Mapping

Auto-generated system network maps provide visual context as to the connectivity and location of each asset on the network. 

Network Discovery & Mapping

Visibility is a critical element of Network Performance Monitoring. HiCLIFF's "secret sauce" is its ability to discover and identify the network and all the devices.

AV/Media Network Performance

HiCLIFF is the only software tailored for AV network performance monitoring. CMP's powerful analytic features supply unprecedented fault detection and real-time feedback. 


Network Performance

Monitor network port bandwidth and errors. Track unicast / multicast / broadcast traffic, detect issues quickly

Live Media Tracing

Accurately track multicast media on the network. Determine where media is routed, and detect anomalous behavior in real time.

Traffic Analysis

Advanced network traffic and timing analysis can provide packet-level details in real-time.

Cyber Risk Awareness

HiCLIFF specializes in agentless AV device network profiling. Providing a risk profile for every connected device. CMP's simple risk assessment helps to increase awareness for every device connected to the network.

Agentless Asset Identification

Identify open ports, operating systems, and applications running on each device to establish a risk profile

HiCLIFF Risk Score

A risk score provides instant feedback as to the security posture of a device. Identify any existing weak links in your assets network profile.

Profile Target Matching

Match a device's network profile to a  target in real-time to detect misconfiguration errors and malicious behavior. HiCLIFF can help find a needle in a haystack.

PRODUCTS: Features

Asset Management

A complete, accurate inventory of hardware and software is critical for every environment. Keeping track of every asset not only saves time it maximizes network performance.

Real-Time Inventory

Catalog every asset and keep an active record of all the details in one place in real time.

Research has Shown

25% of organizations rely on spreadsheets to track assets. Plus nearly 66% of EAM systems have incomplete records.

Save Time

HiCLIFF saves 100s of hours on average in resolving data accuracy issues, freeing the team to focus on other critical tasks.

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