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Network Performance Monitoring + Media Analysis Solutions for AV
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In a world of AV over IP, there is a newfound need to comprehend the inner workings of networks, including identifying media stream packets and understanding cyber risks. This level of understanding has not been attained before. As IP technology increasingly permeates our industry, and AV over IP and Audio over IP become integral parts of its infrastructure, it is crucial that all professionals, not just those in IT, have access to information about network performance. HiCLIFF, media network performance monitoring and IP media analysis, provides invaluable insights into media packet flow, empowering individuals to instantly grasp the network's status and ensure the best quality of experience.


Network Performance Monitoring

Performance Monitoring with fault identification and notifications for AV networks


Acquire and monitor every media service on the network and detect issues in real-time

PRODUCTS: Features

Easy to Install

Every step has been taken to reduce setup time. HiCLIFF software is easy to install and requires little to no changes to the network.

Software Technology

HiCLIFF is deployed on-premises on a COTS server/appliance or virtual machine (VM).

Web Based UI

User interaction is provided through a web browser. View all graphical details about the system from a computer or tablet.

AV over IP and Media Technology

Purpose-built for complex infrastructure networks and devices. Software developed for everyday use by ProAV, Media, IT, and Security professionals.

Single Source of Truth

HiCLIFF provides a single pane of glass to view and manage all of your AV devices and software. All you need to know about the environment, including availability and cyber risk is in one place.

Continuous Monitoring

Continuously monitor your environment and meet security framework compliance, including NIST, ISO, and CIS. Detect changes to the network and assets in real time. Also, analyze events and alarms from across the network on one dashboard as they happen.


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