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  • Jamie Horner

Audiovisual Cybersecurity, first things first...

Updated: Apr 13, 2021

Do you know what the most important first step is for establishing audiovisual cybersecurity? Visibility: you cannot secure it if you do not know it is there. System discovery and identification is the fundamental first step to securing the audiovisual environment, without it you are flying blind. In cybersecurity lingo this is referred to as discovering the “attack surface”. Identification is an important element to discovery, detecting devices is only half the battle, accurately identifying them is also important. Identifying for example the manufacturer, model, operating system, communication ports, and IP/MAC addresses for all connected devices is necessary intel. Knowing what it is and how it should operate increases the chances of detecting vulnerabilities and unusual behavior. Cybersecurity is about reducing risk, if you can accurately locate and identify the “attack surface” then actions can be taken to mitigate risk.

With an increase to the number and variety of new AV, IoT, and mobile devices being used in an audiovisual environment, understanding what is connect and where can present a big challenge. To compound the challenge, typical AV/IoT components do not support a security agent, therefore traditional IT cyber monitoring methods can struggle to locate and identify AV/IoT devices. Also, due to the transitional nature of many AV environments, using periodic spot checks or occasional "scans" of a network are not good enough, especially where devices are constantly being added or moved, upgraded, and modified.

Therefore, it is only natural that real-time discovery and identification is the cornerstone of the HiCLIFF cybersecurity monitoring platform. HiCLIFF detects and identifies every device on the network using several advanced techniques, without the need for custom programming or monitoring agents. The entire solution is adapted to locating and identifying AV/IoT devices using vendor specific intelligence. HiCLIFF catalogs every asset on the network and builds a comprehensive table containing all the pertinent details about the assets. HiCLIFF features real-time graphical mapping, which builds a live diagram of the AV topology making it easy to visualize the system. Group assets into unique operational spaces to simplify management and remediation efforts. HiCLIFF’s real-time discovery and identification engine increases system visibility and offers an unprecedented audiovisual cybersecurity solution.

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