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TAP: Traffic Analysis Platform
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TAP Actively Monitors Every Media Service and Provides Real-time Fault Detection

Monitor Every Media on your Network

Use TAP to monitor every AV service streaming across the network in real-time.

  • TAP offers remarkable versatility and allows you to effectively monitor all AV (Audiovisual) services streaming across your network.

  • By integrating seamlessly with your Network Management System (NMS) and ticketing systems, TAP provides instant notifications when issues or troubles arise.

  • By leveraging TAP's monitoring capabilities, you gain a comprehensive understanding of the quality, availability, and reliability of your AV streams.

Analyze Every Detail


TAP provides a comprehensive set of analysis tools to evaluate the overall performance and integrity of your audiovisual media streams. The deep packet analysis capabilities empower you to identify and diagnose issues affecting the quality, delivery, and compliance of the AV services on your network.

  • Packet Jitter:  analyze the timing variations or delays in packet delivery, helping you assess the stability of the audio/video stream.

  • Packet Loss: identify and measure the rate of packet loss, which can impact the overall quality and continuity of the audio/video stream.

  • Bitrate:  monitor the data rate of the audio/video stream, providing insights into bandwidth utilization and potential bottlenecks.

  • Compliance: TAP supports standards such as TR101 290, which ensures the compliance of your audio/video streams with specific technical requirements and standards.

  • Audio Levels: It measures the audio levels within the stream, helping you ensure that the audio is appropriately balanced and within desired thresholds.

  • Video Quality: TAP can assess the quality of the video stream, including parameters such as resolution, frame rate, and visualization so you can spot artifacts like pixelation or distortion.

  • Audio Loudness: It analyzes the audio loudness levels, conforming to loudness standards (e.g., ITU-R BS.1770), to ensure consistent audio volume across different media.

PRODUCTS: Features

Easy To Deploy, Simple to Use

Zero-footprint software architecture means it can be easily deployed and used without requiring significant changes to your existing infrastructure.

  • The zero-footprint software architecture of TAP means that it can be easily deployed and used without requiring any significant changes to your existing infrastructure.

  • You don't need to install any additional software agents or make extensive modifications to your network configuration. This feature ensures a hassle-free implementation process and minimizes disruptions to your current setup.

  • Once TAP is up and running, it continuously monitors the AV services flowing through your network. It captures and analyzes relevant data, providing you with valuable insights into the performance and health of these services all from a web browser.

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